View Full Version : Should Rockstar make a game version of A Clockwork Orange????????????????????

20-06-06, 19:33
Think about it. Rockstar can successfully make violent games, especially ones with street thugs like their game adaptation of 'The Warriors.' I think that they'd be able to successfully stay true to the film. What do you think???

20-06-06, 22:25
I doubt a video game could capture the original literary stylings of the book. Introspective views on the paradox of social idealism cannot be captured in a video game.

21-06-06, 00:20
Clockwork orange is a great movie/musical. it's universe it's so paradoxial but so true in a especific way. i think that make it a game that can capture the true ambient is possible, but hard to make...any one knows a game called "9"?!,,,it is a very weird and paradoxial universe, and a suberb game.:) , when i play it i don't know but it recalls me all the time the ClockW Orange all the time:)

21-06-06, 02:31
The Warriors, one of my all time favs, had a non stop action theme which helped the games 'continuity'. I doubt there is enough action in A Clockwork Orange (other than one noteable scene) to achieve the same result. I can never hear 'Singing in the Rain' without thinking of ACWO.
Loved the film BTW

21-06-06, 03:00
'The Warriors' rules, I liked the 'real life' feel to the movie, there were moments I really thought: 'Wow, this can't be done by actors, the director came across these people and the crew started filming them:cln:

21-06-06, 03:02
if the game could exist as a prequel to the book/movie as the adolescent adventures of alex and his rambunctious droogs, then yeah, that would make a nice game.