View Full Version : Lucky days?

21-06-06, 10:04
Anyone here believe in lucky days? If so, when are they?

I'm not too superstitios, but it's just so weird that every month on the 21st or 12th I have a great day, and not the usual-boring-good-kind of day, but something special happens every time. :eek:

Today is the 21st, but my day started rubbish allready- I woke up with a sore stomach, I have to clean the house until 3 PM, the 'net doesn't works properly, so I'm losing my faith in my lucky day, but maybe the evening will be better.

You guys ever had a special day that always goes your way? (lol, I made a rhyme too :D)

21-06-06, 10:15
I dont have a lucky day... but im always abit weery of Friday the 13th!

21-06-06, 10:20
I dont have a special lucky day.. but I am lucky.. :)

21-06-06, 10:21
No... I have some days which are really good, but no particular dates.

21-06-06, 10:22
Same as VonCroy - some days just feel really good and everything goes right. ! :tmb: