View Full Version : If anyone's into ambient music...

21-06-06, 12:12
...there's a rather good ambient set being played on http://di.fm radio on their Ambient channel. An hour and a bit long, and about half way through now.

I love playing TR to the Ambient channel, they've often got stuff surpassing TR's own soundtrack. *prepares to be lynched for disloyalty*

Give it a go, you can't lose anything if you don't like it. :D

21-06-06, 12:14
Goodness! I am definitely one huge fan! :D

I religiously listen to the Chiller Cabinet on Classical FM which plays ambient music!! :D

I love it!

I am listening to some right now!! LOL

Gosh!! Thanks for the link! :D

Though people make fun of me for listening to it! Hell, I don't care. :D

Lone Raider
21-06-06, 13:00
I love ambient music. Thanks for sharing this! :tmb:

Lara's Boy
21-06-06, 13:03
Mmmm.....Ambient Music is my favorite!! Thanks for sharing, Gecko!! :D

21-06-06, 13:07
Just what I needed, a change of ambience. You're a lifesaver Geck, thanks for the link! :tmb: