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21-06-06, 21:33
Well here's a scenario.

Say you were given a five minute chat with the a designer of Crystal Dynamics with the topic being, of course, Tomb Raider, what would you say, and how would you go about saying it?

Bare in mind this chat can only last 5 minutes and cannot exceed this length.

21-06-06, 21:35
Me: Can I have the game early?
CD: No!
Me: :(

The end :D

Legend of Lara
21-06-06, 21:37
How you doin' on TR8?
TRAE? Are you working on it?
Can I have a free copy of TRL PSP version?
Who dyes your hair?
Can you sign my copy of TRL?

21-06-06, 21:39
Have you played any custom levels? :p

21-06-06, 21:40
Me: Can I have the game early?
CD: No!
Me: :(

The end :D

How gutted would you feel if they turned round and said..

'What game?'.

21-06-06, 21:40
Can You Get Lara Croft to Sign My chest!
Make me in a future one of your tomb raider games.... *Like the husband of Natla or something*
What does Avalon look like?

21-06-06, 21:42
Keep the TR feeling in tr8 or else I will never leave from here. Deal? :D

Legend of Lara
21-06-06, 21:43
Keep the TR feeling in tr8 or else I will never leave from here. Deal? :D

Can I join? :D

21-06-06, 21:46
I think i'ld give my 5 minutes to a Core employee.

21-06-06, 22:31
I'd ask them if I could bum a couple pence for a pint of ale!

Lone Raider
22-06-06, 07:43
"Are you aware that this game you are making is supposed to be Tomb Raider?"

22-06-06, 09:23
:vlol: ^

22-06-06, 11:19
I'd probably just scream "The Tomb Raider Movie is not canon!" whilst attacking them with a Tomb Raider I CD-Rom box.

And then thank them for the creation of Alister.

22-06-06, 11:50
I want to hear their side of the story. Everyone assumes that Legend is what they intended us to get. I'll ask them what their vision was for the game initially and how much was that changed by either Toby Gard or EIDOS/SCI. I'll bring up LOK and ask why Legend wasn't as massive and challenging as some of those games.

You never know, folks, there might be a logical answer that doesn't equate to "Gee we just forgot how to make a challenging game."

da tomb raider!
22-06-06, 14:00
Me? Well, to be honest with ya, I would go like this:
Jesse: Tomb Raider died in 2003, after AOD was created. So why the hell are you making something which claims to be Tomb Raider, and claims to have Lara Croft in it?
CD: ...
Jesse: Don't get me wrong. I liked TRL, but I already have POP. Tomb Raider used to mean Tomb Raider. Now it means :cen:

Prince of world
22-06-06, 14:20
I don't understand at all :(