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Lara Croft!
21-06-06, 21:58
Can anyone help me translate these Lyrics????

Don't mind the english..It's the Italian that give me a hard time....

Adesso credo nei miracoli
In questa notte di tequila boom boom
Sei cosa sexy cosa, sexy thing, ... ormai
Ti ho messo gli occhi addosso... e lo sai

Che devi avere un caos dentro di te
x far fiorire una stella che balla
Inferno e paradiso dentro di te
La luna e un sole guarda come brilla

Baby the night is on fire
Siamo fiamme nel cielo
Lampi in mezzo al buio... what you say

Baila, baila morena
Sotto questa luna piena
Under the moonlight
Under the moonlight

Vai chica vai cocca che mi sa cocca
Che questa sera qualche cosa ti tocca
Ho un cuore d'oro sai il cuore di un santo
x cosi poco me la merito tanto

E daila, under the moonlight

21-06-06, 22:02
The song sounds familiar... from the english that is... what song is it?

Lara Croft!
21-06-06, 22:10
Baila Morena!!!!I love that song and have to know what the lyrics mean....I get the gist of it,but I want the details!

Real Life Lara
21-06-06, 22:19
...the only Italian I know is some phrase that my friend has been repeating non-stop since she took Int2 last week: ''Ha grassa a bassa!'' Something to do with being small and fat apparently :p Thanks... lol

21-06-06, 23:09
Now I believe in the miracles In this night of tequila boom boom you Are sexy thing thing, sexy thing,... now
I put You the eyes on... and know it

That you should have a chaos inside of you x to make to flower a star that Hell dances and paradise inside of
you The moon and a sun looks at how shines

Baby the night is on fire we Are bright in the sky Flashes in the middle to the darkness... what you say

Baila, baila moraine Under this full moon Under the moonlight Under the moonlight

Chica go it coconut palm go that it coconut palm knows me That this some evening thing touches I Have you a
heart of gold you know the heart of a holy little x things me the merit a lot

Lara Croft!
21-06-06, 23:17
Τhanks so much Catapharact!!!!!:hug: :hug: :hug:

21-06-06, 23:19
Anytime :wve:

21-06-06, 23:39
cat, maybe my memorie is playing tricks on me.. but didn't you make a good-bye thread saying you wouldn't be back for a looooooooooooooong time, and maybe even never?

so how come you're back all of a sudden? :p