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21-06-06, 22:45
I hear this song in an advert for a car all the time, can anyone tell me the name.

It begins with a man sitting on a sofa, then his remote control becomes a car handle, and he stick it against the wall, and the wall becomes a door, he does this many times in different settings!

I think the song features pharrel from neptunes. the only words heard are 'shake' 'break' 'bounce' and a lot of 'oooooooh's


someone must know!!!!! :mad:

Lara Croft!
21-06-06, 22:50
It's shake-break-bounce by Chemical brothers...

21-06-06, 22:55

Is there a video? I cant find one on youtube :(

Lara Croft!
21-06-06, 22:58
As far as I know there isn't!It's from the album that includes GALVANIZE.(This and the song you're talking about are the only good on the album!)

21-06-06, 23:01
I like it better than galvanise. That video was cool though.

Lara Croft!
21-06-06, 23:05
Yeah,that kid sure knew how to dance...And the choreography was so good! Ii agree that S.B.B is better....At the first week I listened to that song at least 30 times a day!In fact,I'll listen to it right now....

21-06-06, 23:07
I'm going to use it in my TR fan movie :jmp: For a certain character's introduction...I wonder who lol :p

thanks again for the tip!

Lara Croft!
21-06-06, 23:13
Who could that character possibly be....Alister,perhaps???:D :D :D

Glad I helped.

22-06-06, 02:15
What I do if I wanna know the name of the song, I typed about 2 lines of the lyrics into Google, and a lyric site will show it.