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22-06-06, 04:37
Is it just me or do other people think that their should be a specific link or portion of this forum dedicated specifically to the Music of The Tomb Raider Series and The Tomb Raider Movies? A place where fans of the series could discuss their thoughts about the culturally diverse music types used throughout the series, most notably in the recent Storyline of the Series Tomb Raider Legend, and the movies which both had beautiful soundtrack scores and amazing soundtracks. There are a great number of players out there and fans of the series, I being one of them, who not only enjoy the character of Lara Croft but also who have truly enjoyed the touching music of the game series and movies with their many moving themes and powerful epic moments.

Lara's strength, intelligence, independence, remarkable wit, ability to explore ancient tombs, and uncover new worlds is of course what the series has always been about "uncovering the past" as she so poignantly put it. But let's not forget how much of her story has relied on dramatic music themes to evoke emotions in the viewer/player that immerses us all into her world, and gives us a better understanding of who she is as a character and what she should represent to us in a real world setting. I think Lara Croft is more than a video game character, or action movie heroine, but an ideal for us all to try to aspire to be, and the music of the series really is a part of who she is and what she represents.

I know there have been posts in the past about the music from the games, a few about the movies, recently the number of posts about the music from Tomb Raider Legend and The Music Rippers that have been created, which I am very appreciative to the most recent Music Ripper Tool - Much Thanks to the creator of the newest tool! But I think we should have a section solely dedicated to the music of the Tomb Raider Series, thoughts about future game installments and the music types that may be used in the games, or that fans would like to see used in the games. Just a suggestion. Thanks!

22-06-06, 09:05
There is plenty of forums to discuss those topics.


22-06-06, 16:41
Moved to GC as it's a topic of general TR interest (not strictly Legend-related).