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22-06-06, 09:49
NOTE: This is a short edition of my story.... and I can't remember alot

because this story was written on a piece of paper when TR III was made...

I can't find the piece of paper so this is what I remember!***

Winston cleaning the house...

he wanted to unpack Lara's bags from the previous journey, but Lara said not


so Winston was bored....

Winston went outside to see Lara, but she was just racing around and around

in the racetrack...

Winston was worried about Lara, she has been there since morning...

he came to Lara and said "you've been playing that loud thing since morning..

why not do the training thing... ehh whatever or just come inside"

"these things have names you know, there not just called things, and I don't

need that training gym.. I only needed it for my first journey.. which was sad"

Lara said...

"oh well" Winston replied....

Winston was hungry and cooked the hot chocolate fudge cake ** which was

the cake Lara and her mother would eat when Lara was young**

and he put it in the freezer room.. Lara came inside and said "mother?"

and went in the freezer..... BANG!!!! she was locked..

an hour later Lara thought of a plan.. she used her guns to make holes and

went out "IM GONNA GET YOU!!!!!!!" said Lara!!

The End!

***Long Post***

22-06-06, 09:53
oopsy daisy....

This shouldn't be in the General Chat ....


22-06-06, 10:38
:D Great!
You remember that even though it was created 8 years ago?
Good for you... :)

22-06-06, 10:41
I can just imagine Winston's grin when he locked Lara in the freezer. Poor ol' chap, he needed to let her know how it felt beeing locked in there :mis: :D

22-06-06, 14:33
Cool, nicely done :tmb:

Lara Croft!
22-06-06, 15:08
He finally got his revenge!!!