View Full Version : My Eyes hurt me !

23-06-06, 09:02
Can you believe this ?
When I play TRL on my dad computer , and then after , when i return to my PS1 and i play TR2 , my eyes begun hurting me.
I don't really know why but u think it's because of there pixels :mad: :mad:

23-06-06, 09:04
It's because you played too much with these kind of games :p Go out and watch a good film instead :D

23-06-06, 09:09
Or in stead of straining your eyes even more by watching a film lol.... go outside and get some fresh air... Really in game rule books your supposed to take a break every hour.... Because we all do that :ton:

23-06-06, 09:13
Sorry for bad english ,
But one tiem i'm accustoming trl's graphics and then i return 9 years in graphics before, that's weird

24-06-06, 05:10
That's because ur computer has a lot of radiations