View Full Version : Well, its my birthday soon and i wanted to ask..

23-06-06, 10:41
if any if you know a game, like tomb raider, with a female character. So i can ask my "family" to get me (for PC only..)

Any suggestions? I was thinking bloodrayne 2 but it looks quite creepy..

23-06-06, 10:43
there is some old games
But you can find also alias , good game !

23-06-06, 10:45
or XENA on PSX :D veeeeerrrry old !

23-06-06, 10:59
If you want something really cheesey go and buy Dark Angel. I liked the series but the game is something different, and I mean not in a good way. :D

23-06-06, 11:01
I was thinking more of an exotic background, you know, like tomb raider...

23-06-06, 11:01
I saw something about alias, it sounds like a good game...

23-06-06, 11:02
Oh and there is no old games in my store so dont mention those, lol

23-06-06, 11:06
Dreamfall: The Longest Journey (http://www.gamespot.com/pc/adventure/longestjourney2wt/index.html?q=dreamfall) ?

23-06-06, 11:08
I thnk TR and Lara are the archetype of all the games which has a female character as the protagonist, and if you are looking for something Tomb Raider-esque then I think it would be hard to find something as good as Tomb Raider, if something like that even exists.
I can't really think of anything apart from Alias, or Dark Angel...even Xena!! :vlol: Sorry.

23-06-06, 11:10
COOL! That game looks greeeeeeeeeeat!!!!!!! But it doesnt sell it in my store..:( I live in europe by the way... Or is it released yet? the dreamfall longest journeys...

23-06-06, 11:10
Maybe Beyond Good & Evil?

Anyway, I wouldn't go rushing in and buy a game just because I want any game. If these are you're closest family, you can always ask them money as a present, seems pathetic I know, but you can save it up, and when you find a game that you really like, buy that game...

23-06-06, 11:22
Apoffis is the game dreamfall out in europe?

23-06-06, 11:49
I can suggest FAKK 2: Heavy Metal ;) :tmb:
Bit old but still good (has shaders support :D)