View Full Version : Who's your favourite and least favourite Actors/Actresses?

Tomb Raider Jay
23-06-06, 18:40
My faveourite actors are

Hugh Jackman ~ X-men
David Schwimmer ~ Friends
Brad Pitt ~ Legend of the Falls

My favourite actresses are

Sarah Michelle Gellar ~ Buffy
Jennifer Aniston ~ Friends
Jennifer Garner ~ Alias/13 Going on 30
Rachel Wize ~ The Mummy films

I like Hugh Jackman, he really was well suited to the role of Wolverine in the X-men movies.

I like Sarah Michelle Gellar, the way she brought the character of
Buffy Summers to life was brilliant - she was the TV show, if she wasn't in it I doubt I would have watched it - but I've not seen her in any movies for ages

I love Jennifer Aniston, her character Rachel Green in Friends was always my fave :)

Least favourite Actress is Angelina Jolie, she stole Jen's man and I think she can't even act anyway :p

Edit : Oops I forgot Hilary Duff I like her too!

Lara's Boy
23-06-06, 18:42
I don't pay much attention to male actors, but here is my break down of my fav leading ladies;

Angelina Jolie
Kate Beckinsale
Sienna Guillory
Halle Berry
Tia Carrere
Charlize Theron
Keira Knightley (don't attack me, please!!)
Monica Belluci
Sandra Bullock
Thandie Newton
Sarah Michelle Geller
Jennifer Garner (can't believe I initially forgot here!!)

Least Favorite:
Lindsey Lohan :tea:

23-06-06, 18:45
I seem to have an interest in Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity in Matrix)

Least fav? I dunno. Maybe that Saturday night live guy who played the lead in the movie Elf (Will Ferrell).

da tomb raider!
23-06-06, 18:47
Favorite Actors:

Favorite actresses:
Jennifer Garner
Drew Barrymore
Halle Berry
Naomi Watts
(Vivo) Fay Wray (R.I.P)

23-06-06, 18:53


julia roberts
sandra bullock
comeron diaz .......\_
drew barrymoore _ charles angels freAK
lucy lui .............../

least favourite

23-06-06, 19:09
Rachel Wize

You mean Rachel Weisz? :)

I don't know, I don't really have favourite actors or actresses...
You can say Jodie Foster, cause I liked all the movies she did...

And I find Penelope Cruz and Cameron Diaz kind of annoying...

Tomb Raider Jay
23-06-06, 19:16
Yep I meant Rachel Weisz : )

Sorry I can't spell to save myself!

23-06-06, 19:19

Gary Oldman
Sir Anthony Hopkins
Johnny Depp :cln::mis::whi:

Least favourite:

I can't think of any!

23-06-06, 19:31
Um, we had a similar Thread like this awhile back.

23-06-06, 19:37
My favourite actor is Christopher Walken. I don't have a fave actress.

23-06-06, 19:38

Angelina Jolie

least favorite:

Kiera Knightly


23-06-06, 19:47
fave: gary oldman, cate blanchette
least fave: paul walker, katie holmes

23-06-06, 19:50
Actor - ben affleck

Actress - Chiaki Kuriyama

Laras Backpack
23-06-06, 20:11
Johnny Depp!!
Matt Damon
Brad Pitt
Angelina Jolie
Jennifer Garner

Least favorites:
Tom Cruise (he can act, but he just annoys me for some reason. I think it's his ego.)
Melissa George. (Nice as a person, but an ass-wipe as an actress.)

Lara Coft Baby
23-06-06, 20:19
Favorite Actors:

Orlando Bloom (Hes so cute)
Oliver James (Hes cute too)
Brad Pitt
Eric Bana
Johnny Depp (Loved him in pirates of the caribbean)

Favorite Actresses:

Angelina Jolie (Loved her in Tomb Raider)
Keira Knightly
Kirsten Dunst
Kate Bosworth (Not a big fan of her since shes dating Orlando Bloom :p )
Amanda Bynes

Least favorite

Tom Cruise ( OH he just gets on my nerves.)
I dont think i have a least favorite actress

Prince of world
24-06-06, 03:36
Angelina jolie
Brad pitt
Tom cruise

Mona Sax
24-06-06, 08:30

Courteney Cox, Jodie Foster, Angelina Jolie
Anthony Hopkins, Gary Oldman, Harrison Ford

Least fave:

Vin Diesel, Tom Cruise, Leo DiCaprio
The Olsen twins, Madonna, Britney Spears and all the other "singer-turned-actress" wannabes

24-06-06, 10:06
Actor: Tie- Edward Norton, Morgan Freeman, Toby Maguire
Actress: Charlize Theron (runners up: Halle Berry, Kirsten Dunst)

Actor: Rob Schneider (runner up: Kurt Russell)
Actress: Sandra Bullock (runners up:Jennifer Lopez, Lisa Kudrow)

24-06-06, 10:13
Favourite Actors

Sean William Scott
Harrison Ford
Hugh Jackman

Favourite Actresses

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Milla Jovovich
Rose McGowan
Angelina Jolie

Least Favourite Actors

Brad Pitt
Tom Cruise

Least Favourite Actresses

Jennifer Aniston

24-06-06, 10:28

24-06-06, 11:04

Angelina Jolie
Cameron Diaz
Jennifer Aniston


Brad pitt
Matt LeBlanc (Joey,Friends)
Vin Diesel

Least favorite:

Britney spears, madonna, etc (all the singers you know what i mean :D)