View Full Version : TR trilogy?

23-06-06, 19:00
i dont have tomb rqaider 1 2 or 3 anymore, so i think i might get it,, is there any extras in it or anything new in it?
is it worth getting?

Lara's Boy
23-06-06, 19:01
As far as I know there isn't, buying it as the whole trilogy just gives you the luxury of getting the three in one bang. If you don't have them and want them, then sure it's a worthwhile buy


Mad Tony
23-06-06, 21:21
IMO the best 3 tr games, but in reverse order.
#1 is great, #2 is even better and #3 is the best!

23-06-06, 21:27
and about extras...
the games are the extras! theyre amazing!
epesh 2 and 3!

23-06-06, 22:12
I bought Tomb Raider Trilogy back in '99, and I got a big poster, a letter from Lara and a mousemat for my troubles.

Prince of world
24-06-06, 02:39
tomb raider trilogy?