View Full Version : Tamagotchi V3

Jake Croft
23-06-06, 19:52
Does anyone have one of these?
They look childish but fun
I used to have one ages ago
But these new ones look cool so just wondering
Does anyone have one and what do they do etc >.>

Mad Tony
23-06-06, 21:27
It rings a bell but I can't remember what it is....hmmmm

Andrea Lara
24-06-06, 00:54
I used to have some too but I wont buy a new one because I'm not a child anymore lol but they're quite sweet.

24-06-06, 00:56
What is it Jake Croft. ;)

24-06-06, 00:57
A tamagotchi is a virtual pet which you can raise. :)

Prince of world
24-06-06, 02:27
is an new version of tamagochi has released???

24-06-06, 02:29
They suck battery life like a sponge. 4 days, its dead.

24-06-06, 06:25

24-06-06, 10:15
Aww i miss Tamagotchi's, they were fun for a while.

24-06-06, 10:33
I used to have one years ago. :D

24-06-06, 10:41
omg is it wrong for an 18 year old to want one of these to re live his child hood? ? :D lmao

the amount of times i got shouted at in class for my tamagotchi beeping cause it was hungry :D lmao

24-06-06, 11:06
I have had several of them! They were really fun!

Prince of world
24-06-06, 11:32
I'll buy it if there's a new version of it :D

24-06-06, 11:45
i was hooked when i was around 7. ive got one one on my hpone

Prince of world
25-06-06, 10:46
I had about 9 tamagochi when I was 10

Jake Croft
25-06-06, 10:55
Oo yeah theres new ones these one have infa red so you can breed them for like mixed babies its good i want one xD