View Full Version : Something funny happened today!

Lara's Fan
23-06-06, 21:35
Ok here's the story.
Well today i was playing tr2, for the first time in months:D trying to find all the secrets in the game. So the phone rang and i went to answer it and left the game paused, i came back to my room and found Jd yall know who he is:D . Anyway i see him playing the game(first time for him) and by god he was doing really good, as in i was shocked to see him play like he knew what he was doing. But he kept asking me what this was and what that was(like the tiger you see on the great wall level so cute:D, so it looks like we might have future tr fan in the works!

23-06-06, 21:58
ooooo :D

23-06-06, 22:09
If only my friends were that enthusiastic.

Mad Tony
23-06-06, 22:10
I expect well will be seing him on TRF in a few years time.:D

Prince of world
24-06-06, 02:52
wow.. amazing :D
by the way, is the tiger in the great wall really cute???

TR luver7
24-06-06, 03:11
kool :D