View Full Version : Guild Wars!

Jake Croft
24-06-06, 08:31
Woo im buying both today i had the first one but i didnt get it and sold it now im re buying both as if you buy both it makes a much bigger world with different abilities! :o Guild Wars Factions that one looks nice

Mad Tony
24-06-06, 09:21
Tell me what you think of it, I've been thinking of buying it for ages!

Jake Croft
24-06-06, 09:37
Well i played the first one it was awesome the second one
[Factions] Looks even better new dances and everything the whole atmosphere also new islands with oriental touches and new weapons and creatures!

24-06-06, 11:21
I think one of my mates bought factions, don't know what he thinks of it though. Me and a group of mates made a guild a few months ago, I gave up after about 4 weeks though.

24-06-06, 13:29
My 2 cnts:
It's the best game i have played ever. extremly addictive. and beautifull, well balanced also:hug: