View Full Version : Nvidia or ATi ???

25-06-06, 01:30
hey ppl i have the choice between 2 cards, and apart from the obvious MB difference i was wondering which one was better...

either the Nvidia GF 7300GS 256mb

or the ATi X1600 Pro 512mb

please help i want the best of the two :D thx xx

Prince of world
25-06-06, 01:41
I dont know which one better
but I prefer ATI X1600 :D

25-06-06, 04:18
The X1600 Pro... no contest.

Here's a review of a 7300GS vs a X1300 Pro:

And keep in mind that the X1600 Pro performs notably better than the X1300 Pro. :)

25-06-06, 07:29
clearly the ATI card wins :p

Mad Tony
25-06-06, 08:08
obviously ATI is better but if they were both the same I would chose Nvidia.

25-06-06, 12:12
thx guys :D maybe il get the X1600 then lol