View Full Version : Yahoo, Mountain Dew Shark Commercial!

25-06-06, 04:50
This new commercial on TV for Diet Mountain Dew makes me laugh out loud each time I see it. It has a diver holding on to the dorsal fin of a great white shark which is jumping out of the water and he's yelling "yeeehaaa" and some other stuff - like it's a really fun ride. It could never really happen, of course, but they made it look so convincing. I wonder how they did this and if anybody else saw it yet.

25-06-06, 05:14
great whites will actually jump out of the water like that. They see prey from below, rocket up to the surface and bam. Sometimes they miss though. Take footage of it missing and just flying into the air, superimpose a diver on the shark and bingo bango, one of the coolest commercials of all time. it sucks cause its for diet mountain dew though and not normal mountain dew, which is the best of all the dews.