View Full Version : My Name Is Earl

Lara Lover
25-06-06, 13:43
Does anyone watch this show? :)

da tomb raider!
25-06-06, 13:44
Yes. Now what?

Lara Lover
25-06-06, 13:45
Discuss about it :)

Season One is coming out on DVD! Anyone going to buy it? :)

da tomb raider!
25-06-06, 13:49
Count me in. I love that show! :D

Prince of world
25-06-06, 13:52
what's that?

Lara Lover
25-06-06, 13:55
It's a TV series.

I quite like it. Sometimes, I miss the episodes and they're on too late for me to watch.

Other times, I watch them.

25-06-06, 22:36
I think its a great series, even though i usually dont like any American sitcoms/comedies.Guess its a different style of humour that we have.Dont think i will buy it though as i saw most of them on tv.will definately rent it though.

25-06-06, 23:48
I've wanted to see it for such a long time. It looked so funny. However, I've checked my TV guide for when it comes on, and I've only seen it on once or twice this past month. Maybe I'm missing the correct dates and times but for some reason I never see it on.

26-06-06, 01:04
I've seen a few episodes, and I think it's a really funny show, but it comes on when another show I watch does, so I don't watch it too much.

26-06-06, 01:12
i've actually never watched it. come to think of it i dont really watch much TV these days. i usually just watch movies :)

Tomb of Legends
26-06-06, 01:44
Its about to start here in Australia, on Wednesday I think on Network Seven, just so any Aussie dont know ;)