View Full Version : Anyone here into archery?

Melonie Tomb Raider
26-06-06, 02:50
Hi everyone. :wve: If anyone has noticed my absence (probably not, but I actually was gone :p), I was off at a family camp for about a week.

To make a long story short, while I was there I decided to take up archery. It was my first time ever shooting a bow, and when I first tried, I couldn't even balance the arrow on the bow properly! However, after the instructors showed me that, I immediately learned really quick!

It was so invigorating, I love shooting a bow! I was accurately hitting the bullseye and/or the surrounding areas, and it was my very first time! I could have spent the entire day out there, but the rest of the group was ready to go, so I didn't want to hold them up.

Right before I left I went to the instructors and thanked them for teaching me how to shoot the bow, and they said, "That was your first time shooting a bow?!" They were shocked! They said my form was perfect, and I shot very straight. They even encouraged me to buy my own bow so I can practice and enter tournaments! I'm definitely going to take their advice too! :jmp:

It was so exciting though because usually I'm not naturally good at anything other than video games really. With sports I have to work my butt off to be as good as people who are naturally good at them. I'm fast and quick, but I can't catch a ball very well, nor can i throw or kick a ball proficiently either, so that rules out most sports.

Archery just seems to be my calling! :D I was shooting better than many of the veterans there on my first time, so I'm just shocked at how well I caught on. Sorry if I sound like I'm bragging, because that's not what I'm doing, I'm just really, really excited about it and I am curious to know who else has a passion for archery as well. I definitely need some tips and some advice on what bow I should buy and stuff.

26-06-06, 03:07
sounds like alot of fun actually. i have never tried it but i intend to ^^

26-06-06, 03:09
I've done archery before. It's fun isn't it? :D It was at girl scout camp and everyone else had to wear that little leather thing so it didn't hurt if the string hit your arm but I never had to. I wanted to get my own bow but my parents wouldn't let me. :(

26-06-06, 03:19
Did it back in 6th grade, it was awesome.

Melonie Tomb Raider
26-06-06, 03:46
I wanted to get my own bow but my parents wouldn't let me. :(

awwww. :( Reminds me of when I was 12 years old (never heard of TR at this point). I shot my uncle's 9mm pistol and begged my mom to let me get one. Naturally she said no. :p

26-06-06, 04:22
Passion...i guess i have, but i never touch a bow in my life :D
That's really good Melonie, have fun with it :tmb:


26-06-06, 07:46
I've never done Archery before. Ive always wanted to, im still trying to find a sport i really like, and one im good at, but i dont think i would be very good at this, my aim isnt all that great lol!

26-06-06, 08:06
Yeah I did archery once, I found it tough to begin with, drawing back the arrow is a toughy when your small like me :p But it's so cool when you release it and it makes that noise as it head straight for the target. Never hit the bullseye though :vlol: