View Full Version : What's your favorite part in the TR games?

da tomb raider!
26-06-06, 14:04
Me? Well, my favorte part in Tomb Raider in when you have to kill that T-Rex. Sure it made me **** my pants the first time, but it was worth it. In Tomb Raider 2, my favorite part has gotta be taking the dagger out of the Dragon. In Tomb Raider 3, shooting the box and then watching Sophia die seems to be my favorite part in it (Altough I like Sophia...). In Tomb Raider 4, I liked racing Von Croy the most. In Tomb Raider 5, killing the first android is my favorite part. Tomb Raider 6? Well, I enjoyed the Hall of Seasons the most, there. And in Tomb Raider 7, I erm...I dunno... erm... I guess I enjoyed doing a swan dive at the start of the Ghana level. :cln:

26-06-06, 14:11
TR1-the cistern level and the t-rex offcourse
UB-don't really have a favourite part
TR2-the venice level, the first part of the 40 fathoms level, the dragon fight and the fights with those statues
GM-the fight with the boss on the fourth level
TR3-definitely fighting statues with swords in the second level, aldwych level
LA- higland fling and it's a madhouse levels
TR4-the board game with the god
TR5-ireland levels
TR6-first three levels, louvre galleries
TR7-the whole ghana

Legend of Lara
26-06-06, 14:32
TR1- The Peru temple. :D
TR3- Locking Winston in the freezer. :jmp:
TR4- Opening level. :D
TRL- Peru flashback.

26-06-06, 14:43
TR1 - When Lara turned into cold in Midas' palace :D
TR2 - When I entered the underwater levels! So beautiful!
TR3 - Agreeing with Legend_of_Lara: Locking Winston in the freezer :D
TR4 - The little Lara levels!
TR5 - The russia levels
AoD - When I saw Kurtis for the Very firsst time :D
Legend - Err... When the the game ended :D

26-06-06, 14:51
TR1: Tricking Beacon Lara!!
TR2: The beginning of 40 Fathoms!!
TR AOD: The Hall of Seasons.
TR Legend: Ghana dive and peru flashback!!

PS: I haven't completed TR3, 4 and 5 to say which moments were the best.:)

26-06-06, 15:14
TR1: The trex, Golden Lara palace midas, Atlantis, Half-Giant
Tr2: The temple of Xian, the snowbike, the Dragon's lair
TR3: Jungle Quad, temple ruins, 6 armed statues, Nevada, the last level.
TR4: So much of it, Tomb of Seth, Temple of Horus, Train level
TR5: Philosopher's stone - yay!
TR6: Louvre was enjoyable, Temple of Ancients, Hall of seasons, Lost Domain
legend: peru flashback.