View Full Version : TR Mini Puzzle Round II !!!!

26-06-06, 18:38
Ok peoplez, the idea behind this thread is simple:it's basicly a continuation of TR mini puzzle part one(made by H4L),especially designed by yours truly! :D

Alrighty,so here I pose the problem:Say that Lara is at the bottom of a quarter circular arc,and a huge,massive boulder is about to roll down to squash Lara...my question is...how much time does Lara need starting from the instant the boulder is released in order to save herself!!This is a very practical question to answer because,you know,we need to know whether Lara has enough time to do her nails or iron her hair and stuff like that!!:p

THis problem is a little bit harder than the first so..but I have faith in you all!!:p :p

26-06-06, 18:40
well if the boulder is alrge, the right angle would stop the boulder before it could squish lara. and a sphere cant fit in a right angle, without leaving any room, and lara is skinny.

if the boulder is small, lara should ghave time to justrun. shes a woman, ironing and makeup can be done on the run :D