View Full Version : I just realized over half of my 85 game collection is M-rated (17+).

26-06-06, 22:23
I realize there are a lot of European users here, and many may or may not be familiar with America's rating system. Basically, M (for Mature) is is to only be bought by those 17 or older, often containg realistic violence, blood and gore, and heavy amounts of profanity.

I just turned 17 a week ago, but over half of my game collection (85 games) are all M-rated anyway. Just thought it was kind of funny.

26-06-06, 22:25
My tomb raider 3+4 double CD is rated 11+, but 'The Movies' is 16+ !

tomb raider is much scarier and gory than the movies!

The ratings system seems strange in the UK, all my games seem to use a different system of rating.

26-06-06, 23:40
I know i dont get it.... in the UK we have certificates like movies 15 AND 18 in them red circles... yet 16+ is just displayed normally on the front... how silly is that!

Legend of Lara
26-06-06, 23:48
A large chink of my game collection is rated 12+ with some 3+, 7+ and 16+. :pi:

27-06-06, 00:03
lmao alot of mine are E (everyone) or T (teen) i might have 1 or 2 that are M.

27-06-06, 00:05
lol.. mine are mostly teen and m rated...

27-06-06, 04:07
mostly teen here with a few m's and e's sprinkled about.

27-06-06, 04:14
just out of curiosity are any fellow Americans following the whole game violence controversy going on here?

27-06-06, 06:48
I don't know about games, but most of my DVD's are 18-rated. :D

27-06-06, 07:11
I have games of many various ratings, some 16+, 12+, 7+ and 3+; only one of my games is 18+ - SH4

27-06-06, 07:34
Most of my games are 11+, but a few are 3+ and some are 16+, I just can't understand, like Mattster said, why is The Movies rated 16+? I would think it's fine if it only were a "Make Horror Movies" game! Since I creeped out when I made the monster for the movie I have posted here in the fan-work forum! That's MO (My Opinion]