View Full Version : Forum search function?

27-06-06, 10:44
Hi all,

Is there a way to search this forum? I haven't been able to locate a search function. I am interested in the HDR threads but it's next to impossible to find them among the huge numbers of threads.


27-06-06, 10:53
Welcome to the forums Muhadib01. :)
Search function -amongst others- is disabled because it slows this massively visited forum down.

Moved to General Chat.

Capt. Murphy
27-06-06, 10:59
You could still try Google (or whichever search engine you prefer).

Looking for the Tokyo Drift topic yesterday I went to Google and... well, take a look for yourself. :D


So instead of "tokyo drift" you could try... oh, whatever. :whi:

27-06-06, 11:50
Good point. Thanks!

29-06-06, 21:25
I brought this up a while back too -- and now I'm confused! :confused:

Let me get this straight -- TRC has disabled local search because it's too much of an overhead, yet are still happy for search engines to spider and index the entire forum? That seems pretty crazy to me.

As an admin of another forum, I always setup my robots to disallow thread searching because it too eats up a huge amount of data transfer.

Maybe if you set up a robots.txt to disallow bot searches, you could then re-enable the local forum search? That would be very useful indeed.