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Lone Raider
27-06-06, 18:32
I'm off with my boys on a grand adventure! We're going down to South Spain for some weeks and I hope everyone here's gonna have a nice summer as well! Apart from those funny guys who have winter now, of course. :tea:

I'm mad at Eidos forums right now because several of my posts have been deleted (how DARE I critizise Legend, eh!), and I'm more than apprehensive about future TR installments. So I've decided to stop coming here and keep out of the speculations from now on. Everyone's made their point, and all I can do is wait. However, I'll be back when the AE is out and see what people think about it then.

I've got to really like some people here and am glad I've met you and I'm also glad that many people feel like I do, but I guess my future raiding will be in custom levels.
So, bye for now and have a great time, everybody :hug:

Lara's Boy
27-06-06, 18:34
Shame to see you gone for so long, but enjoy the vacation! It was refreshing to read your witty and logical posts, can't wait until AE is out just so you will be posting again, lol!

27-06-06, 18:34
Bye! Have fun! :tea:

27-06-06, 18:34
Bye :wve: . I hope you have a good time too :hug: .

27-06-06, 18:34
good bye and have a nice holiday :wve: ;)

Mad Tony
27-06-06, 18:56
Bye :wve:
Have a good time

27-06-06, 18:58
bye bye! have a great time there! :wve:

27-06-06, 18:59
Have a great time! Take some pics to show us :D

Buhbyee! :wve:

27-06-06, 18:59
It's a shame you're disappearing just as I've got used to looking forward to your posts :(

Have an awesome trip and a great summer and hopefully we'll see you back here some time :hug:

27-06-06, 19:01
have a great time with your mates. have fun in spain. :D

27-06-06, 19:09
Sounds fun! Hope you have a good time! :wve:

27-06-06, 19:17

27-06-06, 19:18
Enjoy mate, have a great great time:hug:

Andrea Lara
27-06-06, 20:48
Have fun and use the time to learn some spanisch! lol I would if I could :D