View Full Version : Which is better????

27-06-06, 19:32
ok i have an old computer and i used to have windows 2000, and now i have windows ME. i was wonderin which one of these is better. its for home use (ex. downloading music, games, msn/chat, ect...):confused:

Legend of Lara
27-06-06, 19:33
Ew! Win ME is a piece of C-R-A-P!!! I know that cuz I'm using it now. :(

27-06-06, 19:35
thanks, i dont like it either but thats just wut i think
-well its good to know im not the only person who doesnt like it, but which one is overall better and easier to use?

Legend of Lara
27-06-06, 19:36
I'd guess Win 2000. Or just ignore both and get XP. :o

27-06-06, 19:42
kk, cuz all my files were saved wen i had 2000 and my house was hit durinfg a storm and wen we got the computer fixed the guy replaced 2000 with ME claiming how much better it is, and now all my stuff that i saved with 2000 doesn't work anymore:(