View Full Version : The Lord Of The Rings Special Edition DVDs

27-06-06, 20:19
I have these...

Now what are these...

27-06-06, 20:22
Oh, that's just a way to make easy money...

I think your 12-disc edition has enough extra features; I mean, that's 4 disc per movie...
If you have money to waste or if you're a really really huge fan buy it, I wouldn't...

27-06-06, 20:22
Sweet. both theatrical and extended versions in one box? thats what I want. My sis has the theatrical and the extended but i'm leaving soon and i'd like them w00t w00t!! :jmp:

27-06-06, 20:24
Im not that big a Fan, so i'll just stick with what i have. :p

Thanks for saving my Money Von Croy. :hug:

They sound like the Star Wars 4 5 6 Untouched DVDs that will be released soon, no waisting my Money on those thank you very much. ;)

Here in South Africa, each Lord Of The Rings Extended DVDs cost 60 Pounds. We are insane with our Prices on Products. :(