View Full Version : Anyone got the New 'Windows Live Messenger'?

Tomb of Legends
28-06-06, 08:55
It looks great! lol Thats about the only good thing XD Oh and to Microsoft, you''ve taken the whole bloody XBOX thing too far, XBOX Live, MSN Hotmail/Messenger Live? Wow, thats Microsoft for you -.- Why dont they call Vista, Microsoft XP/Vista Live :o

If anyone wants it go to: http://get.live.com/messenger/overview

BTW, my email addy is bashthebandicoot@hotmail.com (laugh if you want, I know its soo bad, made it when I was young tho XD) if anyone wants to add me, I only have over 100 contacts XD

28-06-06, 08:58
I've got it on my brother's computer, because I can't download that damned thing to ME :mad:
But it really looks great :)

28-06-06, 09:01
I have it too. It looks nice but the new sound effects really annoy me. Hmmm over 100 contacts you say? Well I have...um..15 :D