View Full Version : In school tommoro :(

28-06-06, 14:52
yep its true
the strike has been called off :(
but it seems half the schoo arent turning up...

but i have to :(

Legend of Lara
28-06-06, 14:53
Awww... poor you. :(

28-06-06, 14:54
awwww well the day might be alittle better with half the people gone... like maybe your teachers will cut you some slack and have a fun day weeeeeeeeeeee

28-06-06, 14:55
Uh that sucks =\
Poor you x.x

28-06-06, 15:02

Hybrid Soldier
28-06-06, 15:03
Ouch. That really sucks. :(

Mad Tony
28-06-06, 16:10
I'd hate it if that happened to me, I feel really sorry for you.