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29-06-06, 00:45
Quite simple, just rate 1 being the highest which OST you think is the best in the TR games.

1. TRL
2. TR3
4. TR2
5. TR1
6. TR4
7. TR5

Mad Tony
29-06-06, 06:21
Here's mine:


29-06-06, 06:24
ive never heard the music for tr 1 or trc cuz i've never played them

i cant remember the music from tr2-3 except the main theme

1. aod
2. legend
3. tr 4

29-06-06, 06:53
Mine is always TR1 main theme...

I usually don't think about the rest...

Jacob x5
29-06-06, 06:58
TRAOD — Not the usual Tomb Raider style of course, but still amazing. Perhaps the only good thing about the game. :p
TRL — Awful!

Something like that.

29-06-06, 07:22
1. Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft
Very atmospheric and memoriable. Not a single track felt out of place.

2. Tomb Raider II
Like TR3, it had some very memoriable pieces that really blended in well with the environment.

3. Tomb Raider Legend
Some tracks such as the Kazakhstan Labs felt a little generic, almost like it was from Alias, but the majority of the music was amazing for this game. The stand out was the new TR theme used whenever you completed a level, and the lyric version on the title screen. Core's old TR theme blending in for a few tracks was a nice touch too.

4. Tomb Raider
The Playstaion version had some great tracks. The stand out ones being the main menu, the encounter with Natla's beast and the T-Rex, fighting Natla herself, first emerging in the giant chasm of St. Francis' Folly and the eerie Egyptian music in the Sanctuary of the Scion at the feet of the Sphinx. It's a pity PC gamers had to miss out on a lot of them. :(

5. Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness
The music was good, but it just didn't stand out compared to the other games. Almost dull in comparrison. The AOD remix of the old TR theme music is probally my favourite version of all the Core games.

6. Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation
It was memoriable. It helped build the atmosphere to the levels. It just sounded far too synthesized. I blame that mostly on the change of composer.

7. Tomb Raider Chronicles
Like TR4, sounded too synthesized. The main reason I dislike this soundtrack was most of the different tracks sounded too similar and used the same style with the bongos. It really didn't help bring the atmosphere of the levels to life. Also, other than the VCI theme, most of the music was very bland and forgetable.