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29-06-06, 04:18
A fastball thrown by former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Al Hrabosky catches fire as seen through the lens of a strobe equipped camera!


29-06-06, 04:27
Wow wantafanta. That is fast. All I can see is a red X
Sorry mate, no pic!

29-06-06, 04:33
Wow !!!
Where's the pic?

29-06-06, 05:13
Yep, no pic for me eighter.

29-06-06, 05:16
i can see the pic.

but whatever. hrabosky was overrated. besides, he threw in the 90-mph range. that's fast but plenty of major league pitchers have thrown faster and none of them pitch anywhere near what it would take to set a ball on fire. this is total BS.

29-06-06, 06:00
ha i must agree with stereopathic there's no way it could catch fire only going 90 mph. :vlol:

29-06-06, 14:54
Sorry. For those who missed it, I relocated the pic to my own server. It should show now. (btw, it was just a joke.)

29-06-06, 15:02
Just to let you know... There is a pitcher for NYY that goes by the nickmame "The Big Unit."

He once pitched a fat ball during a game but a gull came in that way of the pitch. When the ball hit the bird, the bird literary exploded. There was nothing left of the poor thing.

29-06-06, 15:09
oh thats so photoshoped. but good photoshoping to whoever.