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29-06-06, 14:00
Can a smart person work out what this means:

'Yvan Eht Nioj?'

29-06-06, 14:02
Its "Join The Navy" backwards. ;)

29-06-06, 14:04
Can smart person work out what this means:

'Yvan Eht Nioj?'
Wasn't this on a Futurama episode?
Edit: my bad, got the cartoons mixed up

Hybrid Soldier
29-06-06, 14:04
Its "Join The Navy" backwards. ;)

^Ahah, very smart! I didn't notice that. :D

29-06-06, 14:05
Its "Join The Navy" backwards. ;)
D'oh, you worked it out!!!!! I was hoping it would confuse people for longer.

It's from The Simpsons, for those who haven't seem that episode.

29-06-06, 16:24
yes, i've seen it :D

29-06-06, 16:29
ive seen it.

da tomb raider!
29-06-06, 16:37
Hmmm, I don't think my sick and twisted mind ever could of worked that out.

Legend of Lara
29-06-06, 16:38
Yvan eht nioj annaw t'nod I.

da tomb raider!
29-06-06, 16:40
AraL Fo Dengel, uoy htiw m'I

Prince of world
30-06-06, 15:26
oh no... it's answered :(

30-06-06, 15:44
I watched that episode last week lol :vlol:

30-06-06, 16:00
:D Eno ysae na saw taht.

Jacob x5
30-06-06, 17:41
emit gnol yrev a rof edosipe taht nees t'nevah I. | I haven't seen that episode for a very long time.


Mad Tony
30-06-06, 17:42
I love that episode, with those girls singing "Join The Navy" backwards!

30-06-06, 17:48
sith od htis i tanc

30-06-06, 17:49
Eno ysae yrev. :p