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in these arms
29-06-06, 21:24
Think of yourself trapped in your house by a flaming fire! Your house is burning down. Your in your bed room and decide to take 5 things with you that you would never give away or sell. What are those 5 things?

1. My Nintendo DS
2. My PS2
3. My TV to connect to my PS2
4. My collection of animal teddys :D
5 finally my favourite books of Michael morpurgo!

29-06-06, 21:31
Great thread :D

Only consoles :p? And what would you play on them :p? SAVE SOME GAMES:p

I would save:
1) Ok, my ps2 :p
2) Allll the Finals and Sing Star with it :vlol:
3) My garfield, which is a clock standing on my monitor :p
4) A birthday card from my sister! It's really special :)
5) And maybe some books, you're right - my favourite one "Doll", and all my Harry Potters, as well :D

29-06-06, 21:33
hmm is this after weve saved our family etc??

if yes then i'll take:

my computer
my tablet

29-06-06, 21:33
1/ All of my cuddly toys
2/ My wrestling figures
3/ My PS2
4/ My N64
5/ My Gamecube

29-06-06, 21:35
5) And maybe some books, you're right - my favourite one "Doll", and all my Harry Potters, as well :D

You mean "Lalka" by Prus?

29-06-06, 21:35
Just from my room? OK, that makes life easier. :p

1. My top-secret box of money. :D
2. My study certificates and whatnot.
3. My books.
4. More of my books.
5. Even more of my books. :o

Lara Croft!
29-06-06, 21:37
(Assuming family members will take care of themselves)

-the hard disc of my computer
-some clothes I love
-my mobile phone
-my 7 year old diary...can't afford to lose so many memories!

29-06-06, 21:37
- My computer
- my clothes ( DUH! )
- My pets
- picture of my great grand mother since it's the only one
- my cell phone

29-06-06, 21:39
You mean "Lalka" by Prus?

Yes I mean THAT "Lalka" by Prus!! :D I should write it in Polish :) how did U know :)?

29-06-06, 21:40
-My teddy bear and all of his friends :D
-My clothes
-My books
-A tie between my cd's and my videogames

29-06-06, 21:42
1-my gamecube
2-My own TV
3-my computer
4-My PS1
5-My mother :vlol:

29-06-06, 21:45
1. all my t.A.T.u. CDs
2. My PS2
3. MY Legend game
4. Some clothes
5. Cant decide on my dog or my t.A.T.u. posters :p ( im joking my dog... or maybe my posters... no my dog! )

29-06-06, 21:46
- My pet.
- My CD's.
- My clothes.
- My money.
- My mobile phone (I'd choose the computer but it's kinda hard to carry :p )

29-06-06, 21:56
Yes I mean THAT "Lalka" by Prus!! :D I should write it in Polish :) how did U know :)?

Ah, the first grand novel of Polish literature. One of my favourites as well. The actual plot lacks decent planning, but the rest of the book with its set of characters and brilliant sense of humour more than makes up for it. Sounds schoolish, but I can't agree more this time ;)
Well, that, plus I just browsed through certain Polish TR forum... Thought I knew you from somewhere :p

29-06-06, 21:56
~ Family
~ CD's
~ Money
~ Clothes
~ Computer

29-06-06, 21:57
Saving the family is easier said than done. I don't think I'd be able to carry my dad down the stairs. :o :D

29-06-06, 21:59
-My videogames
-My CD's
-My Legend poster
-My DVD's

29-06-06, 22:08
~Mobile Phone
~Special Photo's.
~ Pillow

29-06-06, 22:41
i dont know if i have that many things i would like to save really :rolleyes:
that i cant replace...
i would probably grab some important papers or drawings and go... :)

Prince of world
30-06-06, 03:29
only five???

1.my computer
2.my drawing sketches
3.money money money
4.my guns collection

30-06-06, 04:23

Lonely Istari
30-06-06, 04:31
1. my laptop
2. my PS2
3. my book of chiz ( a compilation of all things cheesy from memories and such :D )
4. grab as many of my movies and games as possible
5. my bible :)

Melonie Tomb Raider
30-06-06, 04:40
and all of my games. :p

Mad Tony
30-06-06, 06:12
1.My whole top drawer that has most of my most valued posesions in it.
2.My laptop
3.My Ipod
4.My TV
5.My Bookcase

I wouldn't take my ps2 becasue i'm getting a PS3 soon after it is released!:D

30-06-06, 06:17
-my ps2
-my tr games
-my computer
-my cds/casettes/records
-my photos

no clothes : I can always buy new ones