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29-06-06, 21:50
Hey guys :wve:

I've been at the Field Museum most of the day, and I saw the King Tut exhibit. They had various artifacts that were found in the burial chambers at the Valley of Kings and King Tut's burial rooms. It was really really cool, I thought King Tut's mummy would be there, but it wasn't. A little dissapointed with that, but the artifacts were awesome.

You weren't allowed to take pictures in the King Tut exhibit, but they did have two other Ancient Egypt galleries which you were (so of course I took some) :D

Anyways, I visited the giftshop afterwards and bought a few pendants (pictured below) and a chain.


Eye of Horus, cartouche meaning "I love you" in hieroglyphics and a Bastet hound, which is the protector of women.

And here's a picture I took of one of the mummies...


29-06-06, 21:51
omg thats awsome! hehe the sexy little guy in the pic is kinda scary XD

29-06-06, 21:52
Amazing ! :cln:

29-06-06, 21:54
That's great! I'm jealous. :cln: I find mummies really creepy, but it's fascinating how well they're preserved. :)

29-06-06, 21:55
wow... looks like it was a good day!

29-06-06, 21:57
that's freaking awesome, MC. love the bastet hound pendant, very fitting.

29-06-06, 21:59
Love the pendants :tmb: i haven't been to a museum in ages, maybe in the summer :)

29-06-06, 21:59
GREAT!! My fav topic! EGYPT!

great pictures! Love the pendants :)

29-06-06, 22:09
These pics are awesome! If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend visiting the collection at the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities. It's so weird to see all of the Tutankhamun artifacts that you only normally see in textbooks actually in front of you. And the Death Mask (like the one in my avvie) is simply stunning in real life. They display it in a darkened room so that it doesn't fade in the light, but even so it will take your breath away :)

30-06-06, 01:23
That's really cool! Great pics! :tmb: