View Full Version : I just bought Loose!

30-06-06, 06:05
I just bought Nelly Furtado's latest CD 'Loose'. I really loved her previous cds. This one's a bit more mainstream, but she still sounds great. Plus the songs are catchy!
Anyone else got it or planning on getting it? I highly recommend it.:)

Night Crawler
30-06-06, 06:13
I have it and love it! It's her best work yet.
My favourite songs from the album are All good things (Come to an end) and Say it right.

30-06-06, 06:19
I like: Te Busque and Maneater.
Promiscuous is cool too.

What's your fave song of hers? I mean from previous albums.

Night Crawler
30-06-06, 10:30
Turn off the light.