View Full Version : Looks or Personality???

30-06-06, 13:53
What do you look for? Looks or personality?

30-06-06, 13:54
Personality is most important to me. If they dont have a personality that suits me I dont bother.

Its like a game with good graphics but with no gameplay. Dont bother playing with it

30-06-06, 13:54
personality.. and lil bit of looks..

I mean... clean and tidy is enough... but personality matters the most

Legend of Lara
30-06-06, 13:57
The graphics of Sonic the Hedgehog (the original original one for Mega Drive) are dated and don't look that good now but the game still plays fantastically. Personality for me. :D

Mad Tony
30-06-06, 13:58
Personality definitely!

30-06-06, 13:59
Both of them. :D

30-06-06, 14:01
Looks is what usually attracts you initially, but personality is what keeps you comming back. Beauty is only skin deep and all that.......

30-06-06, 14:02
Neither! I always tell them to sod off! :D

Okay, I'll go for personality. If, (IF) I am with someone (hypothetically speaking) I would rather be able to have a decent conversation with them and enjoy my time spent with the person.
If the person were all looks then, all I would be doing is staring as there isn't much grey matter between the ears. And if I wanted to do that, all I have to do is day dream. :D

30-06-06, 14:08
I'd be surprised if someone would say only looks :p
I usually go for personality, but half of my brain keeps nagging me about looks :rolleyes:

30-06-06, 14:10
personality! if someone looks good but cant carry on a convo... next!

Lara's Boy
30-06-06, 14:12
Gotta have a nice mix of both :D

30-06-06, 14:13
as a good friend once told me
" looks are great for now, but they fade... when your 60, his looks may have faded, but the person you fell in love with inside, will still be there"

Basically personality, is the most important thing to me in a relationship... the ability to talk, for hours, about nothing in particular.... the kind of person you can tell anything..because when im old and wrinkely, i know he wont be the gorgous muscular man he once was, but his sense of humor, personality and caring nature will never fade.

30-06-06, 14:19
Once you like a person's personality, she automaticly turn beautiful to you.
It's always good to have a person you like to talk with.
But uhm...I think a mix of both, but personality is more important :)

30-06-06, 14:21
personality all the way. some people might look good but thats it. personality is what makes you who your really are. everyone has skin

30-06-06, 14:22
Both, of course.

Prince of world
30-06-06, 14:24
personality adn a lil bit look

30-06-06, 17:45
personality is the most important thing, if a person can make me laugh, and keep me interested in convos.... i'll definatly hang aroung with them for a while.... i'm likeing this person from school lately...and he isn't the best looking dude in the world...but he has a great personality :D:D :P but of course, some looks do help to keep you interested even more.

30-06-06, 17:46
Deff personality I'd rather be with person with brains than a supermodel with no intrest other than the way she/he looks acts, rather discuss matters of the universe with someone, who cares what they look like.

30-06-06, 17:47
personality by far!

30-06-06, 17:47
A combination of both good looks and a good personality is always nice... But personality definitely comes first.

30-06-06, 17:49
I prefer personality, but looks as well. I prefer someone who likes themselves and takes care of themselves. Someone who showers :p and doesn't smell like old man stew :p

30-06-06, 18:00
personality for me, looks are a bonus.

Jacob x5
30-06-06, 18:17
I go for personality first, but naturally looks can't be ignored. We all need a bit of both, and it can't be helped. ;)

Capt. Murphy
30-06-06, 18:20
A good looking spirit is always nice. :tmb:

30-06-06, 18:40
Looks and personality equally. :p

30-06-06, 19:17
oops double post

30-06-06, 19:18
personality:) or maybe both together.

30-06-06, 21:34
Looks damn it....LOOKS LOOKS LOOKS LOOKS LOOKS!!!!!!..that's all I want!!...am I asking for too much?!! :p

30-06-06, 21:40
Looks damn it....LOOKS LOOKS LOOKS LOOKS LOOKS!!!!!!..that's all I want!!...am I asking for too much?!! :p

LMAO :vlol:

Personality, definitely. :D

30-06-06, 21:50
Looks is what usually attracts you initially, but personality is what keeps you comming back. Beauty is only skin deep and all that.......

Well said, indeed.

Both, but personality comes first.. even tho the first thing you sometimes notice is looks.

30-06-06, 21:54
Looks for a one night stand!.

Personality for a relationship!.


Hybrid Soldier
30-06-06, 22:03
Both. It has to be a balance for me (don't mean to sound like a rude person by that).

I firstly look for personality, then looks would come second.

30-06-06, 22:05
Looks are nice but mainly personality.... My ex girlfriend had the looks... but had the personality of a plank.

30-06-06, 22:12
Personality is a definate!

Good looking people with no personality are just good to look at and nothing else.

If you get a good looking person with a fab personality then, yes! I'd go for it!

30-06-06, 22:15
Personality is tops, but a bit in the looks department is icing on the cake!

30-06-06, 22:27
Personality obviously, but I believe in looking at eyes. I feel you can tell so much about a person, just by looking at their eyes. I look for a spark, some energy or something that excites me. If that's not there, I know the person isn't the kind of person I want to be with.

30-06-06, 22:45
Both!Looks are important too,but personality is more important,I just can't be with someone beautiful,but stupid or vain or evil(lol)

01-07-06, 02:48
Definitely a combination of both! Looks are important, but you got to have a personlity too. :)

A girl once accused me of not having a personality, but I think it's just because I'm kind of a shy person. Once you get to know me, that's when my personality shines through! :D