View Full Version : Very addicting game

30-06-06, 17:32
It's called Wheels Of Salvation, and I can't seem to get enough of it. :p If any of you go on MiniClip for games, you might've seen the game called Crypt Raider. It's kind of like Tomb Raider, and this is the sequel to that game. Here's a link, it's really fun!


Mad Tony
30-06-06, 17:35
I've played this game before, and your right it is very addictive.
I love it!:D

30-06-06, 18:14
I managed to get up to 397, nice game! :tmb:

30-06-06, 18:34
loves it alyssa!!!! i really like this game!!!

Lara's Boy
30-06-06, 18:38
So addictive!!! I love it!

30-06-06, 18:47
So addictive!!! I love it!
i know im still playing hehe im at level 10

30-06-06, 19:53
that's a pretty clever game. a lotta fun.