View Full Version : Omg!!! Please Help Me People!!!

10-07-06, 20:20
I finally downloaded next-gen TRL demo but deleted it and put it in the recycling bin and emptied it!!! I dont know why!!! How can I take it back? :( Please help...

Lara's Boy
10-07-06, 20:26
If you emptied it from the recycle bin, I would say you have to download it again

10-07-06, 20:27
i think that if you stick it in your recycle bin it might still be in there, have a look but if not, its another download

10-07-06, 20:29
DAMN! Thanks anyway...:(

10-07-06, 20:43
there is recovery software available, like eImage Recovery, but it is not free. It has saved the day for me before.