View Full Version : Vanilla fans!

10-07-06, 21:19
Who's a Vanilla fan!?

I absolutely love it, the smell, the taste, everything.

Who likes it?:ton:

10-07-06, 21:24
my car smells of vanilla bloody mother putting air fresheners in it GRR lmao

EDIT: haha you live in Newcastle, thats abotu an hour away from me :)

10-07-06, 21:26
i love vaila bean ice cream and the fresh smell of a vanila pod but the extract stuff is just eurkkk when youve tastes the real thing. but i love vanila.

10-07-06, 21:34
I love it. I tried this cereal once, and it tasted caramely. I didnt like it. Next day I had it again for breakfast, I looked at the box and discovered it was Vanilla. I was so excited, guess what happned. I ate the whole box before I went to school. :D

That was about the space of half an hour.

10-07-06, 21:35
I suppose if you won a trip to a Vanilla factory, it would be the happiest day of your life Anthony? :D

10-07-06, 21:35
i8 cant eat cereal before skool. its either yughurt and apple or toast. although vanilla ice cream might make a good alternative

10-07-06, 21:38
Ive tried Musli with yoghurt. Its a bit dry, so its best with lots of yoghurt.

Also, my german teacher suggested eating cereal, IN orange juice. Not ith it. In it. Urgh!

10-07-06, 21:39
well the germans have weird taste, but i adore the way they drink coke with orange. coke plus orange in equal quantities equals a revolting coloured drink which tastes so good

Lara Croft!
10-07-06, 21:48
I'm more of a caramel fun,but I won't resist a Vanilla shake!

10-07-06, 22:04
Vanilla is good. Especially vanilla coke. Yummy :D

10-07-06, 23:08
That was the best. I've been keeping a stash ever since it was discontinued.

Vanilla Wave is my favourite milk drink.

I think it's safe to say I like it.

10-07-06, 23:13
I love vanilla icecream, thats about it.

10-07-06, 23:50
I'm rather fond of vanilla scented candles. I almost said vanilla flavoured candles even though I don't tend to eat candles, I always seem to say vanilla flavoured candles in real life. :S

10-07-06, 23:57
mmm. Vanilla milkshakes - with malt, my favorite!

Mad Tony
11-07-06, 06:09
I do like vanilla, but not as much as chocolate. :p

11-07-06, 22:18
well the germans have weird taste

Watch it, young man.....................:tea:

12-07-06, 00:48
I like vanilla. Mmmmm.... vanilla....

Legend of Lara
12-07-06, 00:50
Vanilla is good. Especially vanilla coke. Yummy :D

:yik: Vanilla Coke was adisaster!!!

I luv vanilla .:jmp: It's just so sexy! :cln:

12-07-06, 00:51
How is vanilla sexy??? It's a flavor...

Legend of Lara
12-07-06, 00:53
How is vanilla sexy??? It's a flavor...
It's a sexy flavor. :whi:

12-07-06, 01:05
Ah touche.