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11-07-06, 09:32
I found this yesterday in one place, and I think it's a little bit funny. What you guys think?

Story of my life

This is one of my stories,
Stories of my life,
You dont need to be worry,
Becouse I dont have a knife.
This is picture of my self- o.O,
I know that you're scared very much,
But you dont need to worry chief,
Becouse I have a sexy touch.

You look at me like this O.O,
And I want play some chess,
You took a little mix,
"God, help us"!

You star talking about ***,
One loud laugh came out from me,
Outside is growing little grass,
I said "Look at this. What you see?"
And YAY, me won in chess.

You said it's not fair,
I mentioned your ***,
You said you need a chair,
And I gave you little grass.

I hear my favourite song,
You stand up and star shake your bootie,
That is going too long,
Becouse your butt dont look like hottie.

Your butt is shaking more and more
Then you see your pants not on,
I cant take this anymore!
Me star laughing very soon.

This was one of my stories, stories of my life,
Say what do you think? Im not lazy!
Becouse this time I have a knife,
And I am a bit crazy.

Story by...
(When you will say what do you think, I will say who wrote this.)

Edit: It sounds dum, but its funny. :vlol:

11-07-06, 09:35
:vlol: :vlol:
Very funny..It's a poem
(i don't understand a bit)

11-07-06, 09:37
Yeah, me dont understand it too, but I think its funny.

11-07-06, 10:19
It almost seems translated, or written by someone who's first language wasn't English hehe...it is funny though, great poem :D

Legend of Lara
11-07-06, 11:42
Who did this? It's genius. :D

11-07-06, 11:52
:vlol: :vlol:

Agnese Croft
11-07-06, 12:09
Wierd but funny. :vlol: (she wrote that, I think)

11-07-06, 12:13
I dont understand it one bit.

Lara Croft!
11-07-06, 17:41