View Full Version : Do You Make Backups Of CD's/DVD's?

Lara Lover
11-07-06, 13:17
Well, I'm just making backup copys of my Madonna CDs. That means I keep the originals all clean :)

11-07-06, 13:18

11-07-06, 13:19
I once copied TR1 but ended up playing the original version anyway :p

11-07-06, 13:31
I should have made copies of my cds long ago.

Last year someone broke the window of my car and pick about 100cds.
Apart from other things like sound boxes,papers,money etc.
My greatest loos were the cds, :hea:

Mad Tony
11-07-06, 13:47
Occasionally...only important ones.

11-07-06, 13:47
oh yeah. I must start to do backup on my games. :D It allways missing a file

11-07-06, 14:46
no, the music i can listen to on youtube if its goes wrong and the games can be installed. i just cant be bothered to go through all my stuff and copy it

11-07-06, 14:53
Nope.. I havent copied any of my cd's/dvds/games.. but I got ****ed of since I found that couple of my important dvd's had huge cracks in them! I really needed those.. :(

11-07-06, 15:10
yes, With my t.A.T.u. CDs i always buy 2 of each i keep one wrapped and one open then i make a copy of it also. Can never be to careful...

11-07-06, 15:59
Well, I'm just making backup copys of my Madonna CDs. That means I keep the originals all clean :)
hehe this town aint big enuf 4 da 2 of uz/ :D nORMALY I DNT LOL

11-07-06, 16:20
I get my music off napster, but when the new Avril cd coems out, I will make a back up of it as i don't listen to cd's only music, as for my dvd's no point i take good care of them, only cd's worth making backsup is software ones as i reinstall windows every now and again...

11-07-06, 16:56
Um.. no not really. I don't toss them around so they are quite in safe from any damage. (except once I was forced to do so as orginal CD was about to explode ><)

11-07-06, 18:48
Well, in a way I make copies of them: when I buy a CD I immediately upload the tracks to my MP3 player and put the CD away, rarely touching it anymore. :D