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11-07-06, 13:53
Hello :wve:

Does anyone know if there's a copy of the TR game Theme sheet music online anywhere? I can't seem to find one.


11-07-06, 13:54
I can't find any either, but there are midi's available...if you have a midi/notation program you could print it, maybe?

Agent 47
11-07-06, 14:15
sorry Rivendell, just done a "Tab" search on TR theme and came back with nothing :(

i did find this intresting article though :D

Tomb Raider Music
As you all know, Nathan McCree wrote the wonderful music that played such an integral role in making Tomb Raider the game we know and love. There is a chance that if Crystal Dynamics, the new developers of Tomb Raider 7 under the umbrella of Eidos, are made aware of how much support the Tomb Raider community has for Nathan's music, they may commission him to score the new game. In addition, this may in turn persuade Paramount that there is an enormous interest in seeing Nathan write the score for the new movie.

Please support us in our petition. Should you wish to see Nathan McCree return as the composer for future Tomb Raider films and games, simply fill in the information below and click to register your petition.

IMPORTANT: Please use a valid email address and please only sign once. Signing more than once can damage the validity of the petition. If you'd like to do more, then spread the word so others can lend their support. If you have questions, email stella@tombraiders.net.


It is my opinion that the distinctive and iconic theme music written by Nathan McCree for the first three Tomb Raider games was one of the primary elements that made Tomb Raider such an enjoyable experience. Just as we cannot imagine James Bond films without the music of John Barry and the famous theme, so Nathan McCree's music played an integral part in the enjoyment of the games. It was a serious loss to the atmosphere and tone of both Tomb Raider 6 and the feature films to have lost such a key element and I would like to ask you to consider bringing back Nathan McCree as the sole composer for Tomb Raider 7.

hell yeah, good music in the original games :jmp:

i'll keep searching Rivendell as i never give in too easily

11-07-06, 15:25
Thanks :) That's a great petition! I'm definitely up for that :D