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tlr online
11-07-06, 19:32
"Whatever option you plump for though you're guaranteed an enjoyable and well-balanced challenge. The levels are genuinely varied and offer a good mix of head-scratching problems and panicky shoot-'em-up action packed into handy 3-5 minute chunks (perfect for cigarette-breaks, or those angry few seconds after the neighbour's dog binds you in its lead, Mrs. Jones has finished apologising profusively, and you feel like putting a few things down).

"Graphically the game may not offer the usual buttock-gazing stimulation but a nicely animated cartoony Croft is pleasing enough, and all in all this a worthy addition to the ever growing cannon."

THE REST (http://www.eurogamer.net/article.php?article_id=65143)

11-07-06, 19:34
And with AOD lara:cln:

Looks great:)

11-07-06, 19:53
ooooohhhhhh i have this on my hpone, but i think something was wrong on the 4th level. i shoot this button, catch a ride over some sharp points and then i can only go down, which i can then only release the grip and fall to my death :(

11-07-06, 19:58
Wow, looks like fun, I always enjoyed games like this even though they are "outdated".