View Full Version : Omgoodness rofl!

Jake Croft
12-07-06, 11:36
Im going to my neighbours sportsday instead of their dad cause i babysit for them their mum is going though we have to run with the kids rofl ill have a job im wearing converses, combats, hoody and a hat rofl its my old primary school so i can just annoy all the teachers and if youre wondering how old i am im 14 so it was like 3 years ago since i went that primary rofl...
I need revenge :cln: :ton: :cln: :jmp: :cln: :ton: :cln:

12-07-06, 11:38
play with kids at 14 years , you're too old ! :(

Jake Croft
12-07-06, 11:45
Aww i wanna play races though
(Just cos ill win shh)
Theyre only like 7 and 8 so i think a 14 year old will win them all k
I have to make my neighbours kid win cause he's funny <3