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tlr online
12-07-06, 15:23
Want to become World Governor and rule the Blue Pearl (Earth)? Pitch your reasoning on why it should be you. Sell yourself right here on why folk should vote for you.

You never know. :D

12-07-06, 15:56
A vote for me is a vote for absolution. I don't chitter chatter or waste huge amount of resources on projects that end up being wasteful in more ways than one. You want your voice heard? Let it be through me. Change comes though determination, vision, and a strong will.

I offer the best of me to you (and its the best anyone would ever get :p.) Vote Cat; The Feline with the Foundation; The foundation towards abetter future.

12-07-06, 17:48
Cat, you stole that last line from me :p The Feline with the Foundation :D :D

I'll let my policies speak for themselves ;)

1) 80% of the human population of Earth will be shipped off immediately to begin new colonies (at least that's what we'll tell them :mis:)

2) Cats - all cats or anything vaguely moggy-shaped - will inherit the Earth.

3) All natural landscapes are to be turned over to the animals that originally inhabitated them. No more McDonalds in Greenland (yes, the McDonald is an animal - a small, evil-smelling suid-like creature that reeks of stale chip-fat)

4) Humans will persue a life of peaceful co-existance - and all disputes are to be brought to the attention of The Supreme High Mogpog. Upon his judgement (a purr or a distainful shrug) will the humans receive freedom or slavery in his catnip plantations.

12-07-06, 17:53
because it would make me really happy