View Full Version : Goodbye My Loves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14-07-06, 07:03
You won't see me or hear from me for 2 weeks.

I 'm going on holidays :yah: :yah: :yah: :yah:

Holiday means not doing what you normally do every day. No internet, no TV, NO WORK, no driving in traffic, no phones, no contact with the office.
Just me and my fiance on sunbeds at the beach all day.:jmp:

We are going to Corfu *have a quick look*

http://img139.imageshack.us/img139/9150/corfu17ob.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

http://img218.imageshack.us/img218/5777/corfu29nl.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

I 'll post more when I get back.
See you in 2 weeks then. I'll miss you all! :hug:

(ok, I might secretly sneek into an internet cafe and log in :D )

Jacob x5
14-07-06, 07:06
I hope you have a nice time there. :wve: It looks gorgeous. :cln:

14-07-06, 07:09
Wow, that place look gorgeous!! Have a nice time in there!!! And show some pics to us! Bye!! *feels jealous*
We will miss you!! :hug:

Edit: yeah, better sneek in some internet cafe!

14-07-06, 07:19
Have angelika :) That place is gorgeous, looks very much like my country :)

14-07-06, 07:21
I've been to Corfu... It was a great place!
Which part are you going too? I think we stayed in Gouvia.
Hope you enjoy it!

14-07-06, 07:30
Looks beautiful. Have fun. :)

14-07-06, 07:32
Καλή ξεκούραση Αγγελική, και να περάσεις τέλεια! :tmb:

Have a great time :)

14-07-06, 07:49
Have fun! I'm so envious, I haven't been on holiday in forever. Hope you have a great time :D

14-07-06, 07:52
Have a sunny hollyday Angelika :wve:

14-07-06, 08:20
Have a great time and get some rest :jmp:

(ok, I might secretly sneek into an internet cafe and log in :D )

When I did this last summer (I was at Syros), my b/f was chasing me with a knife :p So, don't risk it :D

14-07-06, 09:02
Have fun!!! :D :wve:

Tomb Raider Master
14-07-06, 09:05
Enjoy your vacation, Angelika! :wve:

14-07-06, 09:41
Bye Angelika, have fun :wve:

Lara Lover
14-07-06, 10:50
Have a nice holiday! :wve:

Lara's Boy
14-07-06, 12:08
Have a great holiday Angelika, we look forward to seeing more pictures :D

14-07-06, 12:12
Aww, lucky you, I'm going to Denmark on some family reunion stuff for the third time very soon. :p

Have a nice time in Corfu, and show and tell us everything when you come back!

14-07-06, 12:47
When I did this last summer (I was at Syros), my b/f was chasing me with a knife :p So, don't risk it :D


14-07-06, 12:49
oh have a good holiday, infact have a great holiday and enjoy yourself

and yes pictures are my life :D

14-07-06, 12:52
Have a fantastic holiday! Get lots of rest and spend all day at the beach!

14-07-06, 12:52
Enjoy yourself! :D Hope you get a lovely tan :)

14-07-06, 14:40
See ya when you get back! Have fun! :wve:

14-07-06, 14:51
Ooh have fun. Looks great :wve:

14-07-06, 14:53
Hope you have a safe journey and a good time :wve:

16-07-06, 04:39
Have a good time i wish i was there.

16-07-06, 08:04
Have a great time! I went to Corfu on my honeymoon, and it was beautiful... we had such a great time. I hope you do too!

Mad Tony
16-07-06, 08:13
Corfu looks beautiful, I hope you have a nice time.