View Full Version : A good DDR pad?

Soma Holiday
15-07-06, 01:44
My cheap one has worn out after 2 months. :( Anyone know of any good ones out there...my price range is up to $100 bucks...but I would like to get at least 8 months out of it if it cost that much...


Melonie Tomb Raider
15-07-06, 03:52
My local gamestop had some for $99 and they had like a 10 year warranty or something. If you're willing to spend the money, I'd definitely recommend those. :) I don't remember what the name brand was or anything though. :(

Soma Holiday
16-07-06, 04:12
If ya remember, let me know. ;) I looked for some today but they only have the cheap ones :(...maybe I should save up and buy one of the 400 dollar metal ones...those will never wear out lol. :D

I'll probably end up buying one from Amazon though...oh well, no worries...

Melonie Tomb Raider
16-07-06, 04:19
Ok, after searching the web I found what it was! It's called Red Octane Ignition Dance Pad. You can get them here:http://www.redoctane.com/ignitionpadv3.html

I'm not sure what stored sell them though. My gamestop does, but not all of them do apparently.

Edit: My local gamestop had a one year warranty on their red octane dance pads, but the one on the website only offers a 60 day warranty. Still, I've heard great things about this dancepad. It's the best one I've seen besides the metal ones anyway. :p

Soma Holiday
16-07-06, 04:28
Thanx Mel! that's just what I was looking for! I think I'm going to order it right now haha! But I may go to my gamestop and see about that warranty first. ;)

Thankies! :hug:

And I'l be dancin before I know it hehehe...plus, these aren't as painful as the metal ones lol.

Melonie Tomb Raider
16-07-06, 04:30
I'm glad I was able to help. :D :hug: