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Tomb Raider 5194
15-07-06, 03:24
Sorry for so much Final Fantasy things lol Im so hyped well here it is dont know if people have seen it but there are some interesting scans from FFXIII http://www.ff13.co.uk/image.php?id=/ff13-scans/17.05.06_11.jpg
and a artice that says:
The new information revealed details of gameplay and graphics, hinting towards the apparent 'white draw' system Final Fantasy 13 uses. Also included was information about vehicles we'll ride in the world of Final Fantasy 13 (bet you didn't see that coming) as well as confirmation that the heroine, seen countless times in trailers and magazine scans, is the leader of this epic.

from http://www.ffultima.net/ff13/ff13.php

and some screens here http://www.ff13.co.uk/ff13-scans.php
Sorry if it has already been posted so mods feel free to close the thread and sorry for posting so much FFXIII stuff :D
And so what do you guys think, it sort of a magic school like FF8 in Agito.

Melonie Tomb Raider
15-07-06, 03:43
Wow, I haven't seen the first link you sent. Thanks! :D

15-07-06, 03:52
omg in that first pic the girl on the far right is awsome! i love the t.A.T.u. ( plad skirts hehe )

15-07-06, 04:01
thats because those are from the Cellphone FF13, not the PS3's

Tomb Raider 5194
15-07-06, 04:11
thats because those are from the Cellphone FF13, not the PS3's
Yeah it says it but they are all in the same world and "Lightning" wears a cape too.:D

15-07-06, 09:59
I haven't seen the first 2 pics! they're veery nice! I want a ps3!;( hovewer now I'm mostly waiting for FFXII :)

15-07-06, 11:17
good god! i want that game!!!!! :'( it actually does look amazing!

15-07-06, 11:23
Looks great! Amazing graphics! :D

I can't wait until FF starts being Final Fantasy again though instead of Final Sci-Fi :(

15-07-06, 11:35
Why do all the people in the first scan wear capes almost identical to Vincent Valentine's? I agree with you about the Final Sci-fi thing Rivendell, FF9 was the last of it's kind and FFXIII doesn't seem like an exception from this sci-fi thing, being cynical aside, I'll probably really enjoy game anyway.

15-07-06, 12:00
Yeah same here Reggie! 9 is my second favourite after 7, 7 because that's what started it all for me, and 9 because it's so 'fantastic' (in the real sense of the word!) and magical!