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15-07-06, 07:10
There is some language in this text, so I was not sure if I should direct link to it. It's easy to find by the title. I thought some people here would find the criticism the writer makes of the hangups and lack of creativity of the gaming industry very interesting.

15-07-06, 20:11
that guy made a lot of good points in there. One of the biggest was the one about the "short-sighted business BS". I remember when Red Faction came out, and it had the Geo-Mod technology thing that you can alter the environment with explosions and stuff, and then they copyrighted it...this was years ago and i was frustrated even then. Cause that was a great idea...shooting a rocket at a wall and seeing a crater there. Too bad i couldnt see that in any of my other games....that is until Red Faction 2 at least.

And then the jumping puzzles in FPS games was great. I played all the way through Half Life 2 without dying, until i got to the part where you have to disable a shield inside a building towards the end of the game, and i died because i missed a jump and landed on a laser and was gunned down by sentry guns.

Then there was all his stuff on immersion, and the AI was a big one too.

A long, but very interesting and pretty funny read.