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15-07-06, 22:33
Scorching U.S.: First Half of 2006 Sets Heat Record Sara Goudarzi
LiveScience Staff Writer
Fri Jul 14, 5:00 PM ET

The average temperatures of the first half of 2006 were the highest ever recorded for the continental United States, scientists announced today.

Temperatures for January through June were 3.4 degrees Fahrenheit above the 20th-century average.

Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri experienced record warmth for the period, while no state experienced cooler-than-average temperatures, reported scientists from NOAA's National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C. [Heat Map]

Scientists have previously said that 2005 was the warmest year on record for the entire globe.

Last month the United States experienced the second warmest June since weather record keeping began in 1895.

Goldilocks and the Greenhouse What makes Earth habitable? This LiveScience original video explores the science of global warming and explains how, for now, conditions here are just right.

This warming coupled with less than average precipitation caused moderate to extreme droughts in almost 45 percent of the contiguous United States. However, some areas, such as the Northeast of the country experienced record rainfalls and severe floods.

Many experts believe that such weather anomalies are the result of global warming, an average increase in the Earth's atmospheric temperature caused at least in part by human activities.

Other studies reveal consequences of a warmer climate.

According to one study, the amount of land damaged by rising temperature-induced droughts more than doubled in the last 30 years.

Meanwhile, dry conditioned have contributed to more than 50,000 wildfires in the first half of this year, an unusually high number. A study earlier this month suggests climate change has in recent years contributed to more wildfires in the Western United States.

Other studies suggest that warmer oceans and increased moisture could make for stronger hurricanes for many years to come.

15-07-06, 22:36
It's been really hot in the UK aswell... It's unusual to get this much summer sun, But i aint complaining :D

15-07-06, 22:39
I don't mind the sun - but I don't have an air conditioner and it is the humidity I despise. My car is like an oven when I drive home after work. It has AC, but that first moment when you open the door - My Gosh! Stand back or you get your eyebrows singed. Anyways - we got to stop spewing CO2 into the air and keep the Arctic from becoming a frog pond.

15-07-06, 22:44
Thats bad.... Lots of Old people have died due to the heatwaves we keep getting, Because there not used to it, and you know how old people just keep piling the layers on, and the heating on full blast.

15-07-06, 22:47
It isn't that hot in sweden:(
Just 20-30 celsius

16-07-06, 00:29
you should come to Israel. we have days in Augost with 40 celsius degreas... :-)

16-07-06, 03:12
i live in texas, and just the past week i think every day has been at around 100. We really didnt even have a winter last time...just like an extended fall it seemed like. Maybe some volcano will explode somewhere and block out the sun for a while so everything will cool down. Just dont let a lot of people get roasted in the process or something....whoever it is im directing that comment at.

16-07-06, 03:13
you should come to Israel. we have days in Augost with 40 celsius degreas... :-)

Yikes! That's about 116 F - if my reckoning is correct (212/100) (40) + 32

16-07-06, 03:34
Yea where I live in Mississippi, the temperature is at least 3 degrees higher than it has been being.

Mad Tony
16-07-06, 08:17
It's been really hot in the UK aswell... It's unusual to get this much summer sun, But i aint complaining :D

I'm complaining!
I hate summer, I prefer Winter. :D