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Soma Holiday
16-07-06, 04:47
I'm tired of my boring old hair style, so I've decided to change it up a bit...what I'm thinking is getting the front styled like Charlize Theron had in Aeon Flux, but keeping the back long, so that it would look like hers when I pulled my hair back. I was curious if anyone had any good angle pics of her style that I could take to the stylist, preferably a pic directly from the front, like the one on the DVD disc...though I may just take that one in...

I'd love to get the whole style, but I don't think I could pull it off...

Melonie Tomb Raider
16-07-06, 05:14

That's a pretty good front pic. I love that style, it looks so awesome! I definitely think you could pull it off, but since you have such long hair, I'm sure you don't want to part with it all. Having the front like that with the back long and layered would look fantastic! Be sure to show us some pics if you get it cut! :D

Lonely Istari
16-07-06, 05:19
oohh! Soma that would look so cute on you!! I definitely want to see some pics when you get it done! I think Melonie is right, if you keep the rest of your hair long and get the front with that style it will look great! and then you can just pull it back in a ponytail if you want it to look like that pic! :D

16-07-06, 07:07
i kind of like britneys style!

i think her hair is lovely try them hair styles!

Soma Holiday
16-07-06, 22:42
Thanx guys, I'll definately post some pics after I get it done...probably Wednesday, and that's considering if it turns out ok haha...and I love that pic Mel!! Thanx a bunch! :D

I love how it's long, shorter, then long again in the front too, haha...I just hope it'll turn out right in the back...and if not, I'll just have to get the entire cut haha. ;)

and the Britney style is kinda what I'm talking about! But let kinky in the back. I really want my hair straight, like stick straight. I love how Aeon's looks kinda wet it is so straight...though it's no doubt a wig haha...but hey, I may need one after I get it cut...I'm not a big fan of my hair dresser, so...but there's no one else around here...I'd love to find a stylist, but no one's around...so I'll try my luck.

I may get it colored afterward too, like a darker brown...I'd love black, but the pale skin wouldn't suit it haha...

just waiting for Wednesday...:)

16-07-06, 22:47
Ever though of having red colour put in? works very well with dark hair!

Soma Holiday
16-07-06, 22:55
Yes! Actually haha...I was considering that exact thing...either bright red or a burgundy color. :D

And hey! It's kinda like the bangs in your avatar! I'm assuming that's you lol, so I'll ask, do you use any type of gel or product to get your hair to seperate like that and stay so straight? I'm worried mine will curl up, so I'll need something to get it the way I want...

16-07-06, 22:57
Yeah Bright red looks better than burgandy.. you can see it better.

Yes it's me :)
Nope i don't use any gel or products in my hair for that matter, I use straightners and straighten it forward, but it pretty much stays like that. But i'm sure you can buy gel's and wax's which can give you the same effect :)

Soma Holiday
16-07-06, 23:06
Knew it was you haha...I love your hair! :D

And I'll definately try haha...so you just use a regular straightener then? Like the flattening irons? I'd considered getting one of those too.

16-07-06, 23:10
You have no idea how many people say 'I LOVE YOUR HAIR'... i get it every day, though i can't see whats so special about it.

Just normal straightening irons... cost about 40, Though i'm getting some new ones soon which are better at a cost of 75 :o
Then my hair will be mega straight, almost to straight... BUT I DONT CARE :D

Soma Holiday
16-07-06, 23:13
sweetness haha, I'll have to get one for definates...

thanx! :D

16-07-06, 23:15
Anytime, Make sure you post pictures!!!

16-07-06, 23:17
Here you go for high quality shots:


Check File 002 and 024 ! :D